Plan Ballantines

A sound installation and smartphone application commissioned by Método Helmer for Carlos Jean and Plan Ballantine’s.This project was developed by Cubensisproject and consists of a hand print recognition software capable of generating songs from a scanned hand. The developers also created an internet version as well as applications for iPhone, Android and Blackberry .Santiago Abadía was in charge of composing and producing a sound library of more than 100 loops, One shots and Sound FX that could combine successfully at all times to generate an original song for each of the hands scanned by the sound installation. “Saca la música que llevas dentro” BTL campaign will Tour Spain’s pubs and clubs for a year with a total of 27 replicas of the sound installation.

Client: Ballantine’s
Agency: Método Helmer
Developers: Cubensis
Composition, Sound Design & Music Production: Santiago Abadía
Spain 2011-2012