“VALENCIA 2050″ is an interactive audiovisual installation set up in the Observatori del Canvi Climàtic (Valencia, Spain), entirely designed and produced by GPD in collaboration with timelapser Luis Caldevilla and composer/producer Santiago Abadía. Installed inside a wide semicircular hall, “Valencia 2050″ combines the projection of a four part documentary on climate change at a resolution of 4K, augmented reality games to interact after each part and a state to the art 3D projection mapping. The soundtrack and sound design for “Valencia 2050″ is a rich exploration of many different styles and music genres, from symphonic orchestras to electronic textures, from pop/rock grooves to avant-garde ambients and carefully sculpted sound effects.

Team Leader, Design & Production: GPD Eventos
Development: Cubensisproject
Timelapse: Luis Caldevilla
Photography Direction: Minima Luz
Composition & Music Production: Santiago Abadía