Located in the heart of Madrid (Barrio Chamberí) the studio was designed  and built to provide professional soundproof conditions for music production. The facility consists of a control room,  a live/recording room treated with variable acoustics for maximum flexibility when capturing performances, storage space for gear/hardware devices and  two terraces with beautiful views offering a luminous space to chill out and relax.

Services offered include:

  • Professional equipment for recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Workflow organization and development of the production stages of any given sound design and music project (ie: band recording, solo artist project, voice overs, adr, broadcasting, etc)
  • Music Production services as a  session musician, arranger, orchestrator, copyist, sound designer, mix and master engineer.
  • Courses in Music Production software such as Pro Tools, Reason, Recycle, Sibelius, Ableton Live, Absynth.
  • Courses in Music Theory, Harmony, Guitar and Chamber Music.
  • Music Composition services in a wide variety of genres:

- Classical (orchestral, piano, guitar, winds, brass, chamber music, contemporary…).
- Pop/Rock, funk, latin, jazz, blues, dance/electronica, experimental, ambient, fusion…
- Music Scores for Film, TV and Games.
- Sound design of sound FX, midi programming for interactive sound installations and games.

  • Exclusive FTP hosting platform designed for private and secure transfer of projects, backups and file sharing with clients.
***For further information on studio rates and disponibility please use the following contact form.